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Tui Snider at work & play!

Tui Snider at work & play!

Thank you for dropping by! My name is Tui Snider. I’m an award-winning author, speaker, blogger, and photographer who loves promoting offbeat travel and regional history. Exploring the world and sharing fun stuff along the way is my passion!

About this blog:

If you’re here to check out my blog, the posts are organized by topic. You can click through the menu above, or use these links to get started:

Travel Photo Essays: From the mysterious to the mundane, I share my quirky road trips with you.
Haunted Travel: I have a blast researching ghost stories and exploring haunted sites. Such interesting (& sometimes creepy!) history.
Historic Cemetery Symbols: I’m currently writing a field guide to cemetery symbolism, and sharing what I learn on the way.
Writing & Life: This is a catch-all for posts that don’t fit tidily into other categories, with an emphasis on topics other writers may enjoy.
My Books: These posts relate specifically to my offbeat travel guides and/or strange-but-true history books.
Author News & Events: Click here to see what my next speaking engagement, author appearance, or interview will be!
About Me: Still wondering who this Tui chick is? Click here!

About my books:

If you’re here to check out my books, you can either pop over to my Amazon Author Page, or learn more by clicking the title of each one below:

100-UnExTex-thumbUnexpected Texas: My first book, Unexpected Texas, is a travel guide to offbeat and overlooked places within easy reach of the Dallas – Fort Worth region of North Texas. Unexpected Texas has remained a best seller on Amazon for Dallas – Fort Worth Travel since its release in March of 2014. In April of 2015, Unexpected Texas won first place for Adult Non-Fiction at the North Texas Book Festival. (Click here for more about Unexpected Texas)


100-ParaTex-thumbParanormal Texas: My 2nd book, Paranormal Texas, is another offbeat travel guide. In this book, I take readers on a tour of haunted places near Dallas and Fort Worth. It, too, has remained a top seller for Dallas – Forth Worth Travel. (Click here for more about Paranormal Texas)



100-small-santaThe Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber: My latest book, The Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber is a strange-but-true tale of Texas history. Along the way, my research uncovered some startling information: a mysterious blonde woman who may have gotten away with murder! (Click here for more about The Lynching of Santa Claus)



100-www-book-coverWild Woman Waking: Morgan Dragonwillow uses 57 of my photos to help illustrate the emotional journey she takes readers on with her poetry collection entitled Wild Woman Waking. (Click here for more about Wild Woman Waking)

Need a speaker?

Do you need a dynamic speaker for your next event? I am an inquisitive world traveler who loves sharing with audiences in an informative and lighthearted way. For booking information and to see what topics I offer, click this link: Tui Snider booking inquiries. To see where I’m speaking next, visit this link: Speaking Engagements, Author Appearances & Interviews.

How to reach me:

Tui loves showing folks around Texas!

Tui loves showing folks around Texas!

Email Tui Snider:

The quickest way to reach me is an email sent to TuiSnider at gmail.com

Social Media Links

I am highly active on social media and can be found all over the web. Feel free to connect with me on the following sites, and anywhere else you bump into me online:

Twitter: @TuiSnider
Instagram: @TuiSnider
Linked In: /TuiSnider
Facebook Author: /AuthorTuiSnider
Facebook Profile: /Tui.Snider

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Tui Snider having fun on a Texas road trip!

Tui Snider having fun on a Texas road trip!

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