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Thank you for visiting! I’m Tui Snider. I love writing books, leading tours, and giving presentations with an eye for quirky details and a touch of humor. 

My work has been featured by a variety of outlets including Coast to Coast AM, NBC, Good Morning Texas, LifeHack, and many more.

While I occasionally give classes based on my books, leading tours through historic cemeteries is my favorite way to teach.

My home base is North Texas, where I share a goth/tiki castle with my mad scientist husband and a stray tabby cat who adopted me during my travels. When not on the road, I enjoy composing music, singing karaoke, and practicing poi ball routines in our backyard. 

Scroll down for details:

Scroll down to learn about my books, presentations, cemetery tours, newsletter, and how to contact me and so on!

Hire me to speak

Do you need a dynamic speaker for your next event? I love sharing with audiences in an informative and lighthearted way.

My most requested presentation is “Understanding Cemetery Symbols,” a topic for which I am very passionate and am continually researching. To hire me click here: Booking Info.

Cemetery Tours

While I love giving presentations, my favorite way to teach cemetery symbolism is by leading in-person tours. (Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop for my cemetery tours.)

Watch a video tour:

Watch a tour: To see me in action, check out the cemetery video projects that the City of Austin hired me to participate in:

Books by Tui Snider

Topic: Historic Cemeteries

6 Feet Under Texas From a one-legged tightrope walker to a burial ground with two active oil wells, this book takes readers on a fast-paced tour through unique, famous, and historic graves of the Lone Star State by sharing fascinating true stories behind the stones. (More info here.)

Understanding Cemetery Symbols This popular guidebook describes the meaning behind the symbols and architecture found in historic graveyards. (More info here.)

Grave Goods Ever wondered why people leave coins, stones, and other items at gravesites? This photo-laden book helps you understand the meaning behind these customs. (More info here.)

Graveyard Journal This workbook helps taphophiles (those who explore cemeteries) keep all their cemetery information in one place. (More info here.)

Topic: Offbeat Travel

Unexpected Texas This is a lighthearted travel guide to offbeat and overlooked places in North Texas. (More info here.)

100 Things to do in Dallas – Fort Worth Before You Die This is a playful bucket list meant to inspire readers to explore North Texas. (More info here.)

DFW Scavenger – Rhyming clues take readers on a unique scavenger hunt through 27 neighborhoods in 16 North Texas towns. Wonderful family day-trip fun! (More info here.)

Topic: Forgotten History (true crime)

Santa Claus Bank Robber – This is a strange-but-true tale of a very bad Santa who terrorized West Texas during the Roaring Twenties. My research uncovered a mysterious blonde woman who may have gotten away with murder! (More info here.)

Topic: Haunted Lore

Paranormal Texas – This is a travel guide to haunted hot spots throughout North Texas. Learn the true history behind these spooky legends while planning your next ghost hunt. (More info here.)

Ghost Hunters Journal This book helps ghost hunters better analyze their data, identify trends, and become aware of recurring events that would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. (More info here.)

Want to contact me – or stay in touch?

EMAIL ME: My best email is Tui [at] tuisnider dot com. (But the quickest way to reach me is to reply to my weekly newsletter.)

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: In my Sunday newsletter I share events, updates on my book projects and cemetery tours, and tidbits about historic cemeteries in the news.

When you join, I give you a free guide to the symbolism of hands. If interested, click here.

THE KINDRED CRYPT: Do you enjoy exploring historic cemeteries, too? If so, join me in The Kindred Crypt, a Facebook group where you can share your cemetery photos, questions, and links while making friends with like-minded souls. 

FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK: Whether I’m at home or on the road, I share offbeat and overlooked places that I find along the way on my Facebook page. Feel free to friend me there.

PATREON: On Patreon, I share behind-the-scenes updates, ask for advice, and send off monthly postcards to my supporters. I also have plenty of articles that are free to read, click here to check them out.

FOR MEDIA OUTLETS: To book me for an interview, email me at: tui [at] In the meantime, click here for my current media kit.

THANKS AGAIN: Thanks again for visiting my website! I hope you find it helpful and fun. :)